DOMINUS 64 / 128

Advanced 64 / 128-slice CT designed to strive for efficiency and full range of applications.

Top level product with high configuration and economic profit to customer.
  • Virtual endoscopy
  • Brain perfusion
  • Tumor assessment
  • Lung function analysis
  • Cardiac calcium scoring
  • Coronary analysis

High quality thin-slice images

With iterative reconstruction technology

Full- range application

Advanced visualization solution with post-processing workstation

The SG Healthcare Workstation is an advanced visualization workstation that offers an integrated solution for muti-modalities and clinical domains to help you work quickly with increased diagnostic confidence

Carotid Artery VRT

Cardiac VRT

Coronary Analysis

Carotid Artery 3D MIP

Venous Phase

Spine 3D VRT

Pelvis 3D VRT

Head 3D

Lung 3D VRT

Lung Nodule Analysis

Abdomen 3D MIP

Abdomen 2D MIP

Advanced Visualization Solution

Making it easy for healthcare providers to share patient images,
collaborate on clinical workflows, and communicate diagnosis report.

Post-processing collaboration, powered by SG Healthcare clinical packages and tools.
Put PACS and workstation together with innovative cloud solution.

Consultation and support
with remote access available


24/7 monitoring
Remote upgrade for the latest software and firmware

Total Solution CT
Dominus 64 / 128

Total Solution CT
Dominus 64 / 128