Jumong Premium Floor Mounted

Jumong F handles difficult projection angles in a variety of applications.

6way table with a high loading capacity works smoothly.
  • Floor rail tube stand
  • High quality image
  • Up/down floating table

Jumong Premium Floor Mounted

Quick and Precise View





Main Features

High reliability, ease of use and diagnostic confidence.
Enjoy a radiography system designed for reliable, consistent performance and low cost ownership.

Advanced Visualization Solution

Making it easy for healthcare providers to share patient images,
collaborate on clinical workflows, and communicate diagnosis report.

Post-processing collaboration, powered by SG Healthcare clinical packages and tools.
Put PACS system and workstation together with innovative cloud solution.

Consultation and support
with remote access available


24/7 monitoring
Remote upgrade for the latest software and firmware

Durable X-ray
Jumong Premium Floor Mounted

Durable X-ray
Jumong Premium Floor Mounted

Various images acquisition