SG HealthCare is the global leader in the medical diagnostic equipment industry with world class technological advancements.

Today, we continue to spread the importance of “Seeing more” and “Knowing Better” as opposed to mediocre diagnosis.
The information from our systems allows acute analysis, thus increasing the chance of saving lives. 
X-ray, MRI & Ultrasound systems made by SG HealthCare are widely used all over the world from the tiniest mobile clinics to national hospitals.
SG HealthCare has proven itself to be revolutionizing the field of medical diagnostic systems and continues to help people all around the world to see better with us.

Thank you.

SG HealthCare is the global leader

Be Better With Us

The Best Healthcare Possible

The Best Healthcare Possible

Simplicity and Completeness



03 Participated in KIMES, 2021, Seoul, Korea
02 Launched Jumong Mobile D Type, 40kW
01 Launched C-arm 5kW, FPD C-arm System


10 Launched Jumong VET RF. Digital VET Surgery System.
08 Launched Mobile 5kW, Efficiently Designed & User Friendly


09 Acquired KFDA for CT scanner “Dominus” (First in Korea)


11 Launched 32 channel, 24 slices CT
03 Participated in KIMES, 2018, Seoul, Korea
01 Participated in Arab Health, 2018, Dubai, Arab Emirates


11 Participated in MEDICA, 2017, Dusseldorf, Germany
11 Participated in RSNA, 2017, Chicago, USA
08 Participated in FIME, 2017, Orlando, USA
05 Established Icheon second-factory in Gyeonggi-Do, Korea
05 Acquired CE certification of Germany TÜV
04 Launched beauty device “Body Spin”
03 Participated in KIMES, 2017, Seoul, Korea and selected as ‘BEST OF KIMES 2017’
01 Participated in ECR, 2017, Vienna, Austria


11 Participated in MEDICA, 2016, Dusseldorf, Germany
11 Contracted with IBA for DAP Chamber
11 Participated in RSNA, 2016, Chicago, USA
08 Participated in 16th MEDIPharm, Vietnam
07 Launched ultrasound Q30 and Q40


10 Successful bidder for Turkey’s MOH affiliated organization
06 Leading Venture Certificate
06 Leading Global Procurement Certificate


09 Established R&D Center
06 ISO9001, ISO13485
03 Changed name ‘Sitec Global’ to ‘SG HealthCare’


07 Established Sitec Global

SG HealthCare CI represents future oriented,
proactive spirit of SG HealthCare personnel and symbolizes sound progress
along with the world by positive communication and respect for life.