Jumong General Efficent

Floor rail tube stand with elevating detector stand.

Performs all general digital examinations for standing, sitting or recumbent patients, using the built-in flat detector.
  • Floor rail type
  • Motorized
  • Cost saving
  • Mobile table

Jumong Efficient

Quick and precise view





Easy of Use & Preview display

User-friendly Software

Advanced Visualization Solution

Making it easy for healthcare providers to share patient images,
collaborate on clinical workflows, and communicate diagnosis report.

Post-processing collaboration, powered by SG Healthcare clinical packages and tools.
Puts PACS system and workstation together with innovative cloud solution.

Consultation and support
with remote access available


24/7 monitoring
Remote upgrade for the latest software and firmware

Intuitive X-ray
Jumong General Efficent

Intuitive X-ray
Jumong General Efficent

Various images acquisition